Refresh your home before listing.

Staging Services

Successful staging is key to selling your home quickly and at the best price. If you have your own furnishings, we can help rearrange, clean and remove clutter to provide the best presentation.

Empty houses typically don't get top dollar.  It's difficult for potential buyers to envision the property as a home.  Rooms can actually look smaller and colder when they're empty.  We have complete inventories of home furnishings and decor to ensure you maximize your return on  investment.


Home Improvement

Concrete Slab and Shed Project

This resin 8' x 10' shed was added to an 8' x 13' (4 inch) concrete slab for great outdoor storage.

Landscaping Service


One of the most important and noticeable projects you can choose for your home!  Protect your house from water and make it look beautiful.

Home Refresh

Pressure Washing

Remember what your house looked like when you bought it?

We'll refresh your memory!